Guide Uniform

General Guidance

Members of Girlguiding UK wear uniform according to the section they are in or the appointment they hold. Members should remember that when they wear uniform they represent Girlguiding UK and are responsible for its image and reputation.

There is a selection of uniform garments that may be worn in appropriate combinations. Each member can exercise her personal choice from the collection, so she is able to wear her uniform with pride and present a pleasing, up-to-date image of Guiding. She does not have to wear the same combination of garments as other members of her unit, District or County.

Whether clothing is uniform or not, it should be appropriate to the activity and weather conditions. Some adventurous activities require specialist protective or safety items: advice should be taken from the instructor or leader of the activity.

The uniform may be modified to meet the particular requirements of a particular faith or, in the case of overseas units, climate. Any changes or additional items should be in a colour appropriate to the section. Badges should be worn in the most appropriate position.

When a girl or young woman joins a section she may wear the uniform appropriate to that section before making her Promise. If she has moved from another section she may wear the Promise badge of the previous section until she makes or renews her Promise in the new unit.

Adult uniform is worn by a member of Girlguiding UK over the age of 18.

Foreign Nationals

A member of the Movement from a country outside the UK who is attached to a unit in the UK or to British Guides in Foreign Countries may wear either: The appropriate Girlguiding UK uniform, or the uniform of her own Association. Badges gained in either country may be worn on either uniform.


Age Range

A girl may become a Rainbow when she reaches her fifth birthday. (Fourth birthday in Northern Ireland.) Rainbows move on to Brownies any time after their seventh birthday when it is considered appropriate for them.


In each unit, the Rainbow Guides decide in their Rainbow Chat which uniform items such as polo shirt, hooded jacket, jog pants, cycle shorts or tabard and colour the members of the unit will wear. Rainbows do not wear neckerchiefs or scarves.


Age Range

A girl may become a Brownie at any time after her seventh birthday. A Brownie may move on to Guides any time after her tenth birthday.


A Brownie chooses whatever she wants from the range of Brownie clothes: The clothes are designed for having fun and are stylish, practical and economical. A Brownie does not have to wear the same combination of garments as others in her unit.

In each unit, the Brownies decide in their Pow-wow whether or not the members of the unit wear a neckerchief. If it is agreed a neckerchief may be worn, the Brownies decide what colour it should be. However it is still up to the individual Brownie whether she wants to wear one or not.


Age Range

A girl may become a Guide any time after her tenth birthday. Guides may move on to the Senior Section after their fourteenth birthday at a time when they are ready.


A Guide can choose from a range of uniform tops to wear. If a girl chooses the dress she will need an item underneath, such as the long-sleeved top, although she may wear a top of her choice in navy or black.

At normal meetings a girl can wear any activity appropriate trousers, skirt or shorts.
For more formal occasions the Guide should wear a navy/black skirt or smart trousers, or the optional uniform skirt with navy/black leggings or tights.

In each unit, the Patrol Leaders’ Council decides whether or not the members of the unit may wear a neckerchief, but the individual Guide does not have to wear one. The Patrol Leaders’ Council also choose the colour.

The older style clothing may be worn until 1 September 2016 however all Guides will be expected to be wearing the new uniform range after this date.

Senior Section

Young & Adults Leaders

Age Range

Any member of Girlguiding UK who is aged between fourteen and twenty-six is a member of the Senior Section whatever role in Guiding she has. Members may be Rangers, Young Leaders or Guiders and may have a combination of roles.


A young woman or adult chooses from the range of clothes for the Senior Section or adult leaders, as appropriate. A Senior Section member may choose to wear blue jeans, provided they are appropriate for the activity.