Loyalty Bonus Scheme

The Loyalty Bonus scheme is operated to reward Groups and sections for the purchases made by their parents, members and leaders. This scheme is also open to Scout and Guide Groups outside the United Kingdom and groups of other organisations including schools. Redemption of the vouchers by individuals is not permitted. All purchases from us, including uniform badges, whether they are made over the counter or by any of our mail order gateways are included within the scheme.

How does the scheme work?

At the time of purchase every customer, whether paying by cash, cheque, credit card, Amazon or PayPal or by charging their purchase to a Scout and Guide Shop credit account will receive a normal till receipt or sales invoice and a loyalty bonus receipt/voucher. This additional receipt will confirm the value of the bonus earned. This voucher should be handed over to a group leader who can combine it with other vouchers and utilise it in the purchase of products from The Scout and Guide Shop or in the payment of a credit account. The minimum discount value of vouchers accepted for redemption is £5.00. Whenever a group wish to exchange the loyalty vouchers they have collected they should present them (personally or by post) to the shop staff who will accept them at the value indicated on them.

Please note that only actual bonus receipts/vouchers will be accepted for exchange – ordinary till receipts, photocopies or other evidence of purchasing will not be accepted. Vouchers for a combined value of less that £5.00 will not be accepted. There is no maximum limit to a combination of vouchers being redeemed.

Loyalty vouchers are issued in 6 monthly schemes and have a redemption date of 18 months for the end of the scheme i.e. vouchers issued in the 6 months up to 31st March 2014 are valid for exchange up to 30th September 2015. Expired vouchers will not be accepted.

Any questions regarding the scheme should be e-mailed to:orderonline@scout-and-guide-shop.co.uk

For the purposes of the bonus scheme The Scout and Guide Shop sales are considered to incorporate purchases made directly with the retail shop or those through www.scout-and-guide-shop.co.uk , our E-Bay shop “Scout and Guide Supplies” or our Amazon shop “The Scout and Guide Shop”.