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Scout Mate Badge

Scout Mate Badge

Since this is an un-official badge the following are only guide-lines on the use of the badge and you can adapt them within your Group, District or County. Acknowledgements to Kent County Scouts for this great idea which has been developed by them and the following information

Scout Mate Badge - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Scout Mate badge ? - The Scout Mate badge has been specifically designed to encourage members in the three younger sections to recruit a friend into Scouting and increase the number of young people involved in Scouting. The concept is based on the "buddy badge" which was used successfully by the Cub Scout Section.

What are the requirements to gain the badge ? - Bring a new friend to your Group and together, chat to the leaders and meet the other Beavers, Cubs or Scouts. Show them around the place you meet and help them learn about the Scouting family and the Promise they will make. Take part in an activity with your Scout mate and be a part of their investiture and receive your "Scout Mate" badge

Can the badge be awarded if a young person supports a young person moving up from another Section ? - No - The badge can only be awarded for the introduction of a totally new members, not as a reward for acting as a 'mate' to a young person moving from the Section below.

If a young person brings more than one mate on separate occasions or at the same time do they get more than one Scout Mate badge ? - Yes- young people can earn up to 3 badges for introducing new members to a Group.

Can the badge be moved on to the new uniform when going up to the next Section ? - No - young people can earn more badges by bringing along more mates to join Scouting.

Can a young person get a Scout Mate badge for reintroducing a friend to Scouting ? - If a young person has reintroduced a mate (who has previously been a member) to Scouting after an absence of three or more months a Scout Mate badge may be awarded.

Where is the Scout Mate badge worn ? - On the lower right forearm, towards the cuff.

Is the badge the same for all three Scout Sections ? -Yes - Beavers, Cubs and Scouts can earn the badge for introducing a new mate to Scouting




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